An Old Soul Philosophy


The goal is pretty simple and really boils down to a basic formula. Find interesting and unique cars looking for a new garage to call home, while meeting interesting and unique people looking for a new windshield to see their adventures come to life through. We aim to absolutely enjoy both sides of that equation and find truth in the saying that "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life".

Now, there is countless hours of hunting, researching, wrenching, driving, collaborating, and learning that plays an enormous role in making the right decisions for the people we work with, but our passion for both the cars and the people, as well as the heavy footwork to bring those together, is all part of the reason we do this, and the reason that we're so good at it.

As soon as we're not sharing the same excitement our customers get when they finally get to live their dream, we're out. I don't suspect however like most hurdles in life, we'll not find the remedy behind the wheel of something extraordinary to keep us driving forward!


Brando Forsyth

The Driver - Dream Chaser

Be it hunting for campsites in a 65 Bus Riviera with his co-pilots, hopping bars on a hardtail 69 Trump, or hitting the hard turns in a 61 mini, you can likely track him down by the faint trail of oil spots left in his path. Rain, snow, or shine, classics all the time


Jude Dude

Brand Ambassador - Shop Keep

License schmicense! Jude Dudes got miles beyond elders we know. When asked what his first car will be, he corrected us with "cars". Something old, something new, something borrowed (hopefully with his Dad's permission!) and something blue, this kid will need a garage before he's 16


Katie D

Bounty Hunter - Voice of Reason

Currently grabbing groceries in a Ruby Red '63 VW bug, or go-carting kids in a ski rack laden X3 with peanut butter seats 🙂 And yes, she's likely moving a touch over the speed limit in the ladder... shhh.. somehow her records still spotless.


Dave Nunzi

Lord of Ledgers - Project Manager

From selling a minibike to Brando in 8th grade (which he still has!) to hunting down over 50 cars across the US, Dave has always found a margin that both parties appreciate! Counting beans and chasing dreams usually in his 63 Corvair vert, or atop something two wheels of Harley heritage.


Tyler James

Shop Don - Fabricator

From low n slow to loud n dirty, if its got attitude, needs to be tamed, might explode and potentially maimed.... he's probably into it. Keep eyes out for his slammed 71 VW Custom Camper, Jacked up Wrangler, or an unsafe car at any speeds Corvair


Juice Clark

Purebred Airhead - Classic Wrench 

First classic purchase, first one to pull a motor, the first one to tackle a full restoration and the first to show up and lend a hand to anything aircooled related! Total airhead through and through, you'll find him and his pup Marley in his garage, shotgunning a barn find hunt, or maybe even driving his stunning 65 bus in the year 2025 when its finally done!

Next Steps...

We're a growing club, family, and moral support group beyond a team. We're happy to connect with anyone and everyone that share the same values and excitement as we do! If you have any questions or interest in being a contributor, don't hesitate to reach out to any of us, any time!